Register with State of Illinois as Registered Interior Designer

Have you passed the NCIDQ and not registered with the State of Illinois? Click below for a step-by-step guide about how to register.

Stay Informed

Text Interior Design to 52886 to stay informed on current advocacy issues.

Benefits of Registering with the State 

If you have passed the NCIDQ and have not registered with the state please do so! There are so many advantages to registering.

  1. You are more likely to have a higher salary and be promoted. Most if not all Senior Level Staff, Associates, Principles and Partners in firms are registered and/or licensed design professionals.

  2. Want to start your own Business? Registration make you marketable and says you are an expert. This attracts Clients and increases their confidence in you.

  3. Shows you are a design professional on par with architects and engineers for your specific area of expertise.

  4. Being registered contributes to the advancement of our field. We can only convince legislators to fight for our rights when we have strength in numbers. This means more registered interior designers so we can pass new legislation.

  5. Allows Registered Interior Designers to file a Lien against the Property Owner if your client does not pay you. Registered Interior Designers as of January 1st, 2019 have been added to the Illinois Mechanics Lien Act. This means the Client cannot sell their property or pay other contractors or subcontractors until they pay you first. This gives you a lot of leverage. This is important if you plan to have your own design business.

VP Advocacy