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Frequently Asked Questions

What is our current design law?
Answer: We have a Title Act introduced in 1990. It is formally called the Registered Interior Designers Act. This is a voluntary registration that gives Interior Designers who have passed the NCIDQ exam the right to call themselves a "Registered Interior Designer". It does not allow for permitting privileges. Being registered distinguishes your skill set from others as a design professional who is educated on designing code compliant spaces. The term "Interior Designer" in Illinois is not regulated so that means anyone can call themselves an Interior Designer but not a "Registered Interior Designer."

What is the difference between being Registered and being Licensed?
Answer: Becoming registered in Illinois means that you have the right to call yourself a "Registered Interior Designer" under the 1990 Registered Interior Designers Act. Being registered distinguishes your skill set from others as a design professional who is educated on designing code-compliant spaces. The term "Interior Designer" in Illinois is not regulated which means anyone can call themselves an Interior Designer. This also means that anyone can practice Interior Design in the state without oversight or regulation. Illinois also does not allow Registered Interior Designers to stamp/seal drawings. Being licensed typically means that the state grants permission to engage in an occupation only if those individuals have a license. This means that you cannot practice (stamp or seal drawings) without it. Registration overall is a less restrictive form of occupational licensing.

Does Illinois State registration require any CEU's to stay active?
Answer: No. Only CIDQ does. CIDQ is the organization that is in charge of maintaining your NCIDQ Certificate which you must keep active to remain a Registered Interior Designer. CIDQ requires 6 CEU credits every 2 years. That is 6 hours of continuing education every 2 years. When you take a CEU course they are submitted to CIDQ for record.

Why should I keep my NCIDQ certificate active?
Answer: Keeping your NCIDQ certificate Active (renewed) provides you with the opportunity to register with the State as a Registered Interior Designer and to use the appellation “NCIDQ”. If your certificate is not renewed the State may choose to revoke your licensure if you are currently registered with the State. It also provides portability should you choose to relocate to a different jurisdiction and need to go through a registration, or licensing, process, and last, but not least, your renewal fee contributes to the advancement of the exam/profession. The portability issue is key for anyone who anticipates a move to a different state. A current certificate holder can obtain proof of exam passage by contacting CIDQ and requesting the documentation to submit with their registration application. If your certificate is not current you will need to pay a reinstatement fee to obtain documentation.

How do I renew my License?
Answer: Your license must be renewed every 2 years. The cost is $60. You should receive an email from the State informing you about 3 months prior. The current renewal year is August 31st 2019. This means the next renewal date will be 2021, 2023, 2025 etc.. Follow this link . Select Online credit card renewal. You must provide your License Number and ONE of the following 1) Your date of birth 2) Your social security number OR 3) Your PIN number used for prior renewal. Your PIN number will be in the email sent to you from the State. If you do not have your PIN you may renew with the other two options. After renewed the State will send you an updated license certificate. Keep your certificate on file and please do not loose it. Write down your license number in a safe place so you can always reference it.

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